For my genius hour myself and my partner Hiroshi have chosen to make camera lens that will improve any of the cameras on smartphones,  no matter if it’s an older lower quality, or one of the newest phones on the market.  We have seen that there already is these secondary lens for phones but they are really bulky,  and you have to buy different lens for each phone.  They also aren’t the cheapest thing to buy if you want a good quality lens.  Our goal is to do our best to make a small lens that you could just put in your pocket and will work with any phone.  What we need to do is work on a design that will look good and will work effectively.  We do need to find some  cheap supplies that will work but will be a good quality, need to find that happy medium between cheap and effective.

But we need to check on the patents for the main idea of the product,  this will be a good way to help both of our skills on building things, and learn how to make things that will actually work.  This Is what I am choosing for my genius hour.


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