This will be my second installment of my genius hour, me and my partner Hiroshi, have been working hard on our invention of the camera phone enhancer. We have taken apart a laser pen to experiment with the lens. It actually improves the picture magnification very much, for example you can actually see the fibers on a piece of paper, or you can actually see your skin in great detail. But some of the problems we have faced is that to see this you need to hold the phone really close to the object you are examining.  Our goal is to be able to hold the phone at some distance in able to see the object clearly.                   
We already have a prototype on the design too, it Is not very clean looking and is a little rough around the edges. We need to hone the design to better present the product and increase the profit if possible in future if we can possibly make a business out of our improvement on our idea,. Our goal is to experiment with different types of lenses or differdifferent magnified lenses. This is where we are in the development of the h & m industries improvement of the camera phone enhancer. This shows a before and after putting the magnifier on the camera.

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