As a career I would like to pursue is
Engineering.  The type I was researching was power engineering. In that field you inspect existing boilers, & pressure vessels. To become a 3rd class power engineer you need previous experience of at least 50 000 pounds/hour of flow.

You need to have around the years of previous experience to work on your own, and the hours worked depends on the employer.  You can typically make $85 000 - $90 000 a year and can get benefits depending on the employer as well.

In the next 10-15 years there will be a big demand for power engineering, due to the infrastructure growing rapidly all over B.C.  Around the age of 26-27 would be fully qualified and educated to go into the full work force. You would need 3600 hours of in class and combined real world work and at least a 3rd class power engineering ticket to get a job.

I would enjoy doing this kind of work
because I would be passionate for the job, and I like to do "hands on work". I am willing to learn and go to school and whatever I need to do for this work.

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