As a career I would like to pursue is
Engineering.  The type I was researching was power engineering. In that field you inspect existing boilers, & pressure vessels. To become a 3rd class power engineer you need previous experience of at least 50 000 pounds/hour of flow.

You need to have around the years of previous experience to work on your own, and the hours worked depends on the employer.  You can typically make $85 000 - $90 000 a year and can get benefits depending on the employer as well.

In the next 10-15 years there will be a big demand for power engineering, due to the infrastructure growing rapidly all over B.C.  Around the age of 26-27 would be fully qualified and educated to go into the full work force. You would need 3600 hours of in class and combined real world work and at least a 3rd class power engineering ticket to get a job.

I would enjoy doing this kind of work
because I would be passionate for the job, and I like to do "hands on work". I am willing to learn and go to school and whatever I need to do for this work.

For our genius hour, me and my partner Hiroshi are at a point in our investigation of our invention, or improvement of an invention.  That were stuck at a hard point, we need to really work on the design of the product. Being only two kids in gr 10 we don't have all the resources or our idea of a 5 dollar budget is hard to work with. We have a feeling that there is a way to make the product more effective and looks better. Sometimes there is a problem with the universal use of it. We all know that phones and mp3 players all vary in size and quality of the camera. We'd like people be able to use the product for more than one device, more of a convenience. This is where we are at for the improvement on our design and in the genius hour.
          This will be my second installment of my genius hour, me and my partner Hiroshi, have been working hard on our invention of the camera phone enhancer. We have taken apart a laser pen to experiment with the lens. It actually improves the picture magnification very much, for example you can actually see the fibers on a piece of paper, or you can actually see your skin in great detail. But some of the problems we have faced is that to see this you need to hold the phone really close to the object you are examining.  Our goal is to be able to hold the phone at some distance in able to see the object clearly.                   
We already have a prototype on the design too, it Is not very clean looking and is a little rough around the edges. We need to hone the design to better present the product and increase the profit if possible in future if we can possibly make a business out of our improvement on our idea,. Our goal is to experiment with different types of lenses or differdifferent magnified lenses. This is where we are in the development of the h & m industries improvement of the camera phone enhancer. This shows a before and after putting the magnifier on the camera.
For my genius hour myself and my partner Hiroshi have chosen to make camera lens that will improve any of the cameras on smartphones,  no matter if it’s an older lower quality, or one of the newest phones on the market.  We have seen that there already is these secondary lens for phones but they are really bulky,  and you have to buy different lens for each phone.  They also aren’t the cheapest thing to buy if you want a good quality lens.  Our goal is to do our best to make a small lens that you could just put in your pocket and will work with any phone.  What we need to do is work on a design that will look good and will work effectively.  We do need to find some  cheap supplies that will work but will be a good quality, need to find that happy medium between cheap and effective.

But we need to check on the patents for the main idea of the product,  this will be a good way to help both of our skills on building things, and learn how to make things that will actually work.  This Is what I am choosing for my genius hour.

I think schools kill creativity because first of all, the way they categorize students from academic to un-academic each kid has their own category, and ways of thinking.  Secondly the was school is laid out,  from the bell schedule,  to being put into classes not knowing who will be there.  I think kids should be able to choose friends which want to learn, and the ones who don't can be  in another class,  so they don't waste people who want to learn and the teachers time. This is why I think school kills creativity. 
Hi my name is Mitchell Joubert,  I like to have fun anywhere I go. I'm on the volleyball team [hopefully if I make it] my view on life is I love the outdoors, I love to swim, bike, manhunt in the local gully with my friends, and everything else.  I'd rather be outside then sitting doing nothing inside.  My favorite sports are volleyball, dodge ball, and soccer.   I want to have a good year at LA matheson.