I think schools kill creativity because first of all, the way they categorize students from academic to un-academic each kid has their own category, and ways of thinking.  Secondly the was school is laid out,  from the bell schedule,  to being put into classes not knowing who will be there.  I think kids should be able to choose friends which want to learn, and the ones who don't can be  in another class,  so they don't waste people who want to learn and the teachers time. This is why I think school kills creativity. 

Ms. Bertrand
09/11/2013 5:09pm

That's a pretty shocking proposal Mitchell. Can you tell who wants to learn and who doesn't? Does learning style, time of day, etc. affect the desire to learn or not learn? How could the system meet these challenges?

Some interesting beginning thoughts. I'd love for you to explain yourself with more.


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